Clothing the Emperor, Jack Herer

Settles slowly and sharply and is very clear.

Purchased at the Dockside Cannabis in North Seattle. Drawn to the packaging, production value, and producer reputation; recommended by a professional budtender. Originally bred as a 50 percent Haze cross that maintained sativa tendencies and accelerated flowering period. Named after the late Jack Herer, proponent of decriminalization and all-around human being.

Info to Know: Did you know the narwhal is considered the unicorn of the sea?

Type: Jack Herer, Sativa-leaning hybrid.

THC Content:  16% THCA 1% THC

Rating: Literally 4

Nugs: Frosty and dense in a standard way. I would not purchase on looks alone!

Odor: Here we go. Bright and full but not in a floral way. Spicy and rich, makes one take a step back.

Taste: Good. Some strains have brought more clear flavors to mind, but I do not frown on it.

High: Intense and creative, stimulating in a good way. I cooked food and danced with a sitcom in the background. Then I ate a sandwich.


Jack Herer

Smokes strong, hits strong. Settles slowly and sharply and is very clear. Keeps focus, like old school days and essays. Better than other “study-aids.”

Remember Jack Herer? Sometimes called the “Emperor of Hemp,” Mr. Herer worked against the stigma obfuscating cannabis tolerance and promoted the industrial uses of hemp. The strain was created in the Netherlands and is the most awarded variety in the history of harvest festivals.

The clarity is above and beyond on this one; a simple date of Harvest and transparent language couple with a highly adequate product.  Dàmà has won my trust in several ways. Try smoking right before preparing a meal.

Photos: Toke Tank, The Cheshire Kid

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