Give Me that Real Sticky-icky [Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana]

Synthetic marijuana use is on the rise in the Unites States. People believe that synthetic marijuana is safe, legal, and will get you high like the real stuff. This is not true. Synthetic marijuana comes loaded with a plethora of effects including: increased heart rate, kidney failure, paranoia, and severe headaches.

“It is estimated that 28,831 young adults with various complications have gone to the ER due to abuse of synthetic drugs since 2009” – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

So what’s the appeal? People obviously want to enjoy marijuana safely but cannot do so because of the legislation in their state. Synthetic marijuana is easier to find and more widely available.

Stop smoking that fake bud and join in on the real fun. Beating around the bush and trying to replace something that has existed for thousands of years is not the way out. States where marijuana is still legal have an uphill battle to fight to legalize it. But doing so will allow people to enjoy themselves the way they want to, instead of using a dangerous counterpart and keep the citizens safe.


Photo: Toke Tank

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