Chasing the White Rhino


Citrus, Skunky and Potent

White Rhino is a hybrid, indica-dominant blend that uplifts and relaxes your mind. Grown by dama, it is a winning strain prized for its intense effects and strong, potent smell.

Dama produces premium cannabis products, include dried flowers. They have created highly refined, potent weed strain that are designed with the users’ pleasure in mind. Making marijuana into an entire sensory experience, they improve your general sense of wellbeing, reduce stress and enhance your mood.


Info to Know:

Type: White Rhino, Indica-dominant

THC Content: 19 percent total THC

Rating: 4.8 out of 5.

Nugs: Thick, tight and dense nugs. Dark forest green.

Odor: Citrus and skunky, a light hint of cheese. Extremely potent.

Taste: Slightly sweet, citrus and floral and cheese

High: A slow roasting burn that begins in the back of your throat and creeps its way into all corners of your mind


White Rhino

We were overwhelmed with good vibes once the package was cut open. The dense buds of White Rhino created a thick and equally dense cloud of smoke when burned. The smell is super potent and reminds us of cheese with notes of orange. A creeper that lasts for several hours, this strain is indica-heavy and helps you forget your troubles.

Taste is smooth and strong, with a potent flavor in the back of the mouth. After enjoying the senses for a moment, the strain has punched and kicked its way into the back of your mind and relaxed your thoughts. It’s got a bright sense about it and the pleasantly burnt flavor (slow-roasted of course), will leave you wanting more.

White Rhino is typically a hybrid of White Widow and an indica strain that is highly contested. It has roots from India, North America and Afghanistan. Prized for medical benefits, the recreational user can also enjoy the experience.

You’ll love White Rhino so much you’ll want to chase its effects at all times. Perfect for a full vacation from the mind; it’s one of those strains that gives you exactly what you need.



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