[Product Review] O-Puff Recreational Oxygen

Long sessions of smoking marijuana and leading an active stoner lifestyle can leave your lungs feeling a bit tired. O-puff canisters can help you recover quickly, relieve stress, and clear your mind.

Everyone uses oxygen to create energy for normal functions. Studies have shown that increasing the amount and quality of oxygen in your body has numerous positive effects. These effects may include: improved mental clarity, increased alertness, increased energy, decreased stress levels, quicker recovery time, and reduced fatigue. Oxygen can also help you recover from the effects of altitude or jet lag.

O-puff comes in a futuristic, space efficient canister that will fit into any of your travel sacks. The Natural oxygen flavor fits into two differently designed containers, one  with cannabis leaf and one without.


O-puff is the perfect item to bring to your next stoner circle or nature hike. After inhaling a breath of 95% pure oxygen, O-puff will clear your mind and body for the next activity.


Although there is no THC or cannabis products in O-puff, it is a welcomed addition to the stoner arsenal. Stay alert longer after a heavy indica strain or feel an additional elevation after a light sativa. O-puff’s recreational oxygen will enhance your high and elevate your body.

Learn more about O-puff here.


Photos: O-puff

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