710: The New 420

“420” means a lot of things to marijuana enthusiasts. You can ask if a new friend or roommate is “420-Friendly,” you can text your buddy that it’s almost 4:20 and to meet at the smoke circle or you can proudly proclaim that, “It’s 4:20 SOMEWHERE!” as you light up a joint at 7:20am.

Those who love smoking marijuana flowers have lots of reasons to celebrate every time the clock strikes 4:19, but for those who love oils and concentrates, there hasn’t been a holiday with such a following.

Luckily, 710 is the new 420.

Hemp and cannabis oils and concentrates have healing properties for medical users and a cult following of recreational users. In states where flowers remain illegal, concentrates and oils are a popular choice for those who seek cannabis’ benefits.

Why 710? When turned upside down, the number appears to say, “OIL.”

While psychoactive oils and concentrates are not legal in all states, CBD oil is. Non-psychoactive and perfect for those who are looking to use cannabis medically, you can find CBD oil in all 50 states.

So dab up at 710!


Photo: Mark

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