Get Your Munchies Delivered on 4/20

4/20’s almost here and cannabis consumers will be lighting up all around to celebrate this time-tested marijuana holiday. While for some this will be just any other day, there will be new cannabis consumers trying the plant for the first time, since legalization is spreading like wildfire. For those toking up, the munchies may inevitably set in. Continue reading Get Your Munchies Delivered on 4/20

710: The New 420

“420” means a lot of things to marijuana enthusiasts. You can ask if a new friend or roommate is “420-Friendly,” you can text your buddy that it’s almost 4:20 and to meet at the smoke circle or you can proudly proclaim that, “It’s 4:20 SOMEWHERE!” as you light up a joint at 7:20am. Continue reading 710: The New 420