Get Your Munchies Delivered on 4/20

4/20’s almost here and cannabis consumers will be lighting up all around to celebrate this time-tested marijuana holiday. While for some this will be just any other day, there will be new cannabis consumers trying the plant for the first time, since legalization is spreading like wildfire. For those toking up, the munchies may inevitably set in. Continue reading Get Your Munchies Delivered on 4/20

Creating a Cannabis Appetizer Plate [Stoner Soiree]

Have a marijuana-themed party or picnic coming up? Warmer weather is approaching and getting outside to enjoy nature is the perfect time to pack some tasty goodies. You’ll want to create the perfect snacks and appetizers to cater to your friends’ munchies.

Besides edibles and cannabis-infused products, everyone enjoys a fine charcuterie board. An artisanal creation packed with meats, spreads, cheeses, nuts and pickled items, it’s a stoner favorite you won’t want to miss. Continue reading Creating a Cannabis Appetizer Plate [Stoner Soiree]