The Art of Marijuana Etiquette

Smoking marijuana is a great way to kick back, relax, and zone into a place of happiness. More and more people are trying marijuana for the first time and finding what wonders it can bring. There are a few unspoken rules that marijuana enthusiasts have developed after years of passing the peace pipe around. Here, we bring some of those to light.

Puff Puff Pass

This rule usually only applies when a group of people are passing a joint around. When the joint is passed to you, you may take two ‘puffs’ off of the joint before passing it to the next person. This is to allow each person to fully enjoy the effects of the strain, without having to move on too quickly. Just don’t wait too long in between your puffs or you may be “bogarting” the joint.

Left is Law

Most long time stoners have at least once found themselves loading a bowl and forgetting which way to pass it around the circle. Either way would share the love, but having a certain direction to pass would ensure everyone gets an equal share of the bowl. By just remembering the golden rule “Left is Law”, everyone can always be sure which way to pass the piece.

Stoner Karma

Marijuana is pricey! And going back and forth to the marijuana stores can become a chore. But sharing marijuana with friends (over the age of 21 of course!) will always come back to you. Whether it be the same friend, someone else, or even years later, you are bound to be ‘smoked out’ by someone as a payback for sharing.

Know the Lighter

Sometimes the person with the weed isn’t always the person with the lighter. If you brought the lighter, watch out for it and don’t forget to bring it with you when you go. If you are just using the lighter, don’t zone out too hard and accidentally slip it into your pocket. No one wants to get home and find they are missing one of their essential tools!

These guidelines have been tried and developed throughout many hazy rooms across space and time. Following them can make smoking marijuana more enjoyable, more peaceful, and easier to do.

Is there a guideline you follow that is not on the list?


Photo: Lee

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