[Product Review] CBD-Rich Honey Straw by Care by Design

Care by Design is known for making great products using locally sourced ingredients; this honey straw rich in CBD oil is one of the best. CBD is great for medicinal use and is non-psychoactive. These honey sticks helped with deep relaxation and pain management.

CBD-Rich Honey Straw

honey sticks care by design

Strong THC flavor with rich honey notes. Intense and powerful.

Overall Rating: 2.7 out of 5.

Flavor: Weed flavor a bit strong and overpowering.

Cannabis oil, organic honey, coconut oil.

Potency: Strong, intense and powerful.

THC Content: CBD 10mg, THC 2.5 mg.

A perfect treat for relaxing and getting lifted. Learn more about Care by Design here.


Photos: Care by Design

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