Tech-Savvy Toking: Grenco’s G-Pen Elite Vaporizer

Everything is tech-driven these days and there are countless ways to upgrade your hardware, from adding a smart air conditioning system to tracking your fitness from your wristwatch. Now, you can boost your tech presence with a digital weed smoking device: Grenco Science’s G-Pen Elite.

This sleek and stylish vaporizer will allow you to explore the many qualities of ground bud to the fullest. This high-tech vaporizer can and will travel with you wherever your journey takes you. The design allows you to toke up no matter what the weather conditions. With a large bowl and long lasting battery, it is a low maintenance vape that continues to impress.


With many vaporizers, you have to reload the bowl at every stop, as the bowl is not securely fastened into the vape. The G-Pen Elite completely eliminates this problem; the mouth piece snugly fits onto the bowl, preventing spillage on the go.

Grenco’s G-Pen Elite Vaporizer

Product Description: A small and well put together vaporizer allows you to smoke ground bud at whatever temperature you like. At about 3 inches long, this vaporizer fits perfectly in your hand, pocket, backpack, briefcase, or purse. The LED display and simple operation allows you to explore your ganja at any temperature between 200º – 428ºF (93º-220ºC – Yes, you can switch between ºC and ºF). Exploring different temperatures brings out the many rich flavor profiles of marijuana. The long battery life of this vaporizer makes it the perfect adventure vaporizer for the experienced cannasieur who wants to perfect the ultimate hit.

Ease of Use: Charge it, load it, and tap the front button with the leaf symbol five times to turn it on. The G on the front will light up letting you know it is on. The LED screen on the side shows you the battery life, temperature it is at, and temperature it can be adjusted to. Tap the side buttons to adjust the temperature then hold the front leaf button for a second. Watch the temperature jump up quickly to your ideal range of vaporization. Now you are ready to toke, think and talk. Tap the leaf button five times to turn it off. The battery life indicator will flash when it is time to recharge the battery.


The standard operating procedures of using this vape are a welcomed addition to the cannabis culture. Adjusting the temperature is easy and allows for a whole new game of experimenting which strains smoke best at what temperatures. The large bowl size, durable and tight fitting mouth piece makes this my go-to on-the-go vaporizer, especially when passing it around the circle of experienced stoners. The large bowl size will keep you loaded for extended periods of time.

Hardware: The Elite G-Pen, a G Card, a cleaning tool and charger.

Lifespan: Lasts throughout the night. The 0.75 gram sized bowl will provide many hits between bowls.

Overall Product Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Learn more about Grenco’s G-Pen Elite here.


Photos: Toke Tank

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