Flying High with Vie [Vaporizer Review]

Simple Plug & Play, Great Vapor Action 

The new Vie Vaporizer is an affordable, compact vaporizer that will bring you to new heights. Using this vape’s capsule technology feels like what you might take with you on your mission to outer space.


In many ways this vaporizer is a simple plug and play smoking apparatus, which is hard to find among the wide variety of vapes that seem to require an advanced degree in robotics.

Diving into the Vie Vaporizer

Vie Vape

Product Description: A discrete and compact cannabis vaporizer with multiple capsules to keep you going. The Vie Vaporizer has built in temperature setting technology for you to set yourself up with an optimal hit every time. While the herb capsules are disposable, making it great for travel, feel free to re-use them for as long as you please.

Ease of Use: Those with higher levels of dexterity will really enjoy this vaporizer. The space-efficient design allows you to open up the flower or concentrate capsules, fill with your favorite strains, place it back into the vaporizer and enjoy a personalized vaping experience with ease and simplicity. The vapor is thick and satisfying, while the hardware is durable and inexpensive.

Hardware (What’s In the Box):

  • Vie Vaporizer smoking chamber
  • 3 flower capsules with carrying tubes
  • 1 concentrate capsule with carrying tube
  • USB charging cable
  • Cleaning tools,
  • Oder Control Cap


For an elevated herbal vaping experience without breaking the bank, Vie is the way to go. Find out more information about Vie and their new vaporizer technology here.


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Thanks to Vie for providing a review unit.



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