DHK Advanced Vaporizer Kit by Atmos [Product Announcement]

Don’t you just love vaporizer pens? These sleek and discreet devices have ushered in a new era of smoking weed; one that allows you to enjoy cannabis on the go and disguise yourself behind what looks like an e-cig. Proving that advanced technology has clashed into a hippie’s lifestyle, vaporizer pens are something we can’t believe we ever lived without. Learn about this new product by Atmos.

Product Description:

This compact and durable waxy vape pen produces a super smooth hit wherever you go. The slick kit is equipped with a ceramic heating element, making it easier to use and more durable than the standard exposed coil vape. The pen like shape and size allows you to take your vaporizing experience to new levels and locations. Vape in style with this smooth waxy vaporizer kit.

Overall Product Rating: 3/5. This kit is the perfect tool for those seeking a high quality waxy vape on the go.

Learn more about Atmos here.

Photo: Atmos

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