Climbing the Summit +

When you climb the steep summit of a mountain on a hot summer’s day, dodging stray rocks in the pathway and pushing aside hanging tree limbs, there’s always a moment of pure bliss that hits as soon as you reach the top and gaze out on the view you worked so hard to reach. This is a feeling many are chasing, and these journeys would benefit from another favorite pastime: enjoying cannabis. Now with Vapium’s Summit Plus, you can take your vaporizer with you on outdoor adventures, since it’s highly durable and ready for wear and tear.


Vapium Summit Plus Vaporizer

Product Description:

A short and stocky durable vaporizer made for ground bud. The Summit+ is about five inches long and about an inch thick. Its design gives it durability to last. Illuminated lights on the vape will indicate temperature and battery life; adjusting the temperature is very easy with two clear buttons on the front. A built in poker slides out so you can mix, ash and pack without having to carry around extra equipment. The bowl piece cover is tethered to the main unit and snaps easily on and off. It fits easily in your adventure kit.

Ease of Use:

Use a micro-USB charger to power your Summit+ for about an hour for a full charge. One full charge gives around an hour of continuous smoking fun. Take off the magnetic panel below the buttons. Make sure the screen is properly in place at the bottom of the bowl. Pack the small bowl to the top of the stainless steel bowl chamber and snap the lid back on top.

Hold the big “GO Button” for a few seconds to turn the vape on. It will vibrate and show you the battery life for a brief second. The flashing light will indicate what temperature it is at. Adjust through the eight temperate settings to curate your ideal hit. Hit the button with the mountain symbol on it again and wait for the vape to warm up. Once the mountain button turns green, you are ready to go! Hold the big button again to turn it off.


The Summit+ vape takes a little practice to master, but is a great travel vaporizer in all. The warm up period takes a little longer than some of the other vapes (about 40 seconds). Vibrations will notify you when it changes modes (on, ready to smoke, off) which is a nice reminder that the vape if functioning properly. The mouth piece and bowl chamber easily disassemble making it very easy to clean. The bowl chamber is on the small side but the snap on lid makes it easy to smoke in the wind. This, along with the built in poker, makes this vape a nice grab and go for day trips.


Summit+ vaporizer, built in poker, USB power cord, dry bag, cleaning brushes, cleaning wipes, two extra screens, extra mouth guard, securing band.


Battery lasts about one hour. Durable design that will last through many years of marijuana enjoyment.

Overall Product Rating:

4.20 out of 5


Headed out on your next big adventure? Learn more about Summit Plus Vaporizers here.


Photos: Toke Tank, Unsplash


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