Smoking Devices 101 [Part 2 of 3]

Previously, we wrote about all of the different types of glass smoking devices you can use to get you high. The three part series continues here with rolled joints, spliffs, blunts, and one-hitters.



Joints are made by rolling marijuana in rolling papers. They are nice to share with friends and to enjoy the full experience of the strain. Remember to puff, puff, pass. See: The Art of Marijuana Etiquette



Similar to joints, spliffs roll marijuana in rolling papers but mix in tobacco as well. Spliffs are used as a way to conserve weed or to combine the effects of marijuana and tobacco.’


Blunts are made the same way as joints, only instead of rolling papers; tobacco leaves, cigar wraps, or hollowed out cigarillos are rolled with marijuana. Tobacco may be rolled in as well.


One hitters are small chambers that hold about one hit per bowl. They usually are white to mimic the look of cigarettes. Great for traveling, taking a quick hit, or hiding a toke.

Smoking marijuana through these rolled or stick like smoking devices is a lot of fun. You now know your glass piece and rolled marijuana options. In part three, we will look into DIY and specialty ways to get your high.

Photos: Retinafunk, Torben Hansen


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