Smoking Devices 101 [Part 3 of 3]

There are many different ways to consume marijuana. Each strain and device you use will bring a different experience. Try out a bunch of different smoking devices to find you favorite combination! In Part 1 and 2, we described glass and rolled smoking devices. Here we will go into DIY and specialty pieces.

-DIY / Specialty-


Many creative and handy stoners have created smoking devices out of various different materials. Tin cans are a classic example that people have created to smoke out of when absolutely nothing else is available. Gas masks and re-purposed glass containers can also be made into smoking devices.


Smoking devices can easily be made using various types of fruits and vegetables. The fruit filters and flavors marijuana smoke as it passes through. It is a fun and creative way to switch up your smoking style or use in a pinch. See: how to make a pipe out of any fruit or vegetable


There are no limits to the creativity of pipe artists. Smoking devices can be made into almost anything. Animals, shapes, sneak-a-pipes, and even furniture are some creative examples people have explored.


Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs combine the fun of smoking marijuana with a little bit of science. An air tight container with a cap is filled almost completely with water. A down-stem with a bowl on-top is inserted into the water. Users light the bowl while opening a small hole at the bottom of the container. The water drains out the bottom and creates a vacuum in the airspace above the water. This pulls the smoke into the container, filling it with a large dense, clean hit. Once all of the water has drained out, unscrew the cap and inhale deeply.


Vaporizers heat marijuana only to the temperature in which THC turns into vapor. This prevents the impurities in the buds from burning and being inhaled. Vaporizing marijuana is the cleanest way to smoke marijuana. Oils, concentrates, and / or flowers can be used in vaporizers.

Trying out different smoking devices is a fun way to further explore the newly developed recreational marijuana industry. Combining new strains with many different smoking devices will ensure you get the most out of your high. What is your favorite way to get high?


Photos:, jay greinsky


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