How To Make A Pipe Out of Almost Any Fruit or Vegetable

Many long time stoners have at least once found themselves in a situation where the weed and lighter are readily available, but there no piece, bong, papers, vapes, or one-hitters to smoke out of. There are many circumstances that may lead to this situation which inspires creativity throughout the marijuana enthusiasts’ culture. Here’s how to make smoking apparatus out of almost any fruit or vegetable.

You can create a piece out of any fruit or vegetable that is relatively solid and large enough. Just make sure it is fresh. Experience has shown that pipes can be made out of: apples, cucumbers, pineapples, squash, potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, zucchini, and pumpkins. The list of appropriate fruits and vegetables could go on and on.


Smoking out of produce is quite enjoyable. The moisture within the fruit or vegetable makes for a smooth hit while also flavoring the smoke. It is an easy way to switch up your smoking style for a different experience. Plus, you can be environmentally conscious by composting your smoking device once you are done.

To construct a smoking device, you will need to create a few simple parts. You will need to build a bowl, chamber, and mouth piece. Lots of large produce, such as pumpkins, squash, and pineapples already has a chamber inside them, making the process a little easier.

To build the bowl, carve a small funnel-like hole in one end of your chosen fruit or vegetable. Make sure that the bottom of the funnel is small enough so that you can pack the bowl without any falling through the bottom. The bowl should be a little smaller than normal bowl pieces so that you can refresh the marijuana as needed. If there is an area that is naturally concave, placing the bowl there will make carving easier and prevent spills.


Next, choose where you want to place the mouth piece or the place you will smoke out of. The only thing you can do wrong here is to place the mouth piece too close to the bowl piece. Doing so will force you to put your face and hands close to the flame. Drill a small hole for the mouth piece. You can use a pen, nail (no rust), knife, screwdriver, or actual drill to make the hole.

If you have chosen a vegetable or fruit that has a chamber in it, you are done. Pack the bowl full of the sticky sweet stuff, pull through the mouth piece and toke on.

Building a chamber is as easy as connecting the bowl to the mouth piece. In an apple, the mouth piece extends to the ‘dimple’ in the middle of the apple, creating a chamber. You can probably use the same tool you used to create to the mouth piece for the chamber. The more twists and turns you put in the chamber the better. You will be able to take larger and smoother hits with a larger, more complex chamber.

Building smoking devices out of fruits and / or vegetables is a lot of fun. You can experiment creating pieces out of almost anything. Whether you need to make a piece in a pinch, or just want to switch things up, you should know how to make a pipe out of fruits and vegetables. What fruits and / or vegetables have you tried? What other kinds of unusual things you made a pipe out of?


Photos: Unsplash


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