Our Top 5 Cannabis Stories of 2017

What went down in the legal marijuana space this past year? Here are our top headlines of 2017.

Marijuana Wins In The 2017 General Election

Although legalizing recreational cannabis was not on the ballot in any state this voting cycle, marijuana took a big step forward with new governors, cities and counties stepping up for cannabis. Here’s how it went down.


Lighting the Cannabis Industry Afire – Spotlight on Joshua Haupt

Medical cannabis has been transforming people’s lives for longer than we can count; the history of marijuana use goes as far back as the Ancient Egyptians, possibly even earlier. We know you love hearing about the journeys of successful cannabis industry players, so check out this story for a look into the story of Joshua de Best Haupt, author of Three A Light, to learn why he got started in the world of weed, hear about his products and find out how it’s transformed his life so far.


When Seattle HEMPFEST Almost Didn’t Happen

After a fine and a scare from authorities, 2017’s Seattle Hempfest almost didn’t happen. The massive “protestival” has graced Seattle year after year, bringing fun, festivities and whimsy to the picturesque city waterfront.


Bold, Bright & Beautiful – Achieving Perfection with Hemp-Based Beauty Products

As firm believers in marijuana’s ability to change the world, and improve an individual’s lifestyle, we are always open to trying exciting new cannabis and hemp-based products. These products leave you feeling radiant and ravishing, bold and bright, beautiful and confident.


How To Make A Pipe Out of Almost Any Fruit or Vegetable

Many long-time stoners have at least once found themselves in a situation where the weed and lighter are readily available, but there no piece, bong, papers, vapes, or one-hitters to smoke out of. Here’s how to make smoking apparatus out of almost any fruit or vegetable.


What’s next in cannabis? Read about some predictions here. Cheers to 2018!



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