Happy Holi-Daze! Cannabis Gift Guide 2017

Gift Picks for Your Favorite Cannabis Enthusiasts

Not sure what to purchase for the cannabis lovers in your life? For any last minute gift picks, we tracked down the best and hottest items for the 2017 gifting season. Happy Holi-Blaze!

Gifts for Less than $25

Pipe Bracelet by Erbanna


It isn’t always realistic to carry a pipe, or even a vaporizer everywhere you go, even though you might like to. When Erbanna created handbags that made it simple to hide the smell of your cannabis, we were intrigued, as this was a huge need within the cannabis industry.  The company also makes a simple smoking accessory that can be mistaken for a stylish must-have – the pipe bracelet.

PLUS Super Potent Cannabis Infused Gummies


The wonderful world of marijuana infused cannabis is working whimsically for those who seek it. These gummies are the perfect pairing of size, number in a pack, taste, variety and style. PLUS provides packs of: pineapple coconut CBD indica, blackberry lemon THC & CBD indica, sour watermelon THC hybrid and their original THC hybrid gummy packs. The lot of them gives the freedom to choose your taste and style, kind of like a “choose your own adventure” option. The space efficient and stylish tins the gummies come in are secure enough to repurpose again and again. Surprise a good friend this season with a pack of PLUS Super Potent Cannabis Infused Gummies.

Single Joint Carriers by Green Jay


Keep your herb as fresh as possible with this high grade aluminum joint carrier. Large enough to carry anything from small personal joints to fatties meant to please a crowd. The screw top keeps your weed secure by holding the crutch tight, preventing the delicate masterpiece above from smashing into the sides of the container. Transport your craftsmanship with peace of mind with Green Jay’s Single Joint Carriers.

‘Blunto’ Card Game


Blunto is a fun new way to pass a blunt around a group of good friends. Throughout the game, players who change the color or play any of the special cards get to smoke as freely as they wish, until another person takes it. This can cause some rapid fire play that really lights the fire in each player. Play for as long as you want and with as many blunts as you want. The competition can get tough but the reward of winning is shared to each player.

Silicone Butter and Gummy Trays by MagicalButter.com


Do you love to cook with cannabis? MagicalButter.com rolled out a couple of silicone baking trays perfect for making edibles. Ready-to-bake weed butter or a plethora of gummies will always be at your fingertips with just a little bit of kitchen magic. Both the butter and gummy trays have inserts allowing for professional uniformity. The butter trays will shape your butter into perfect portion sizes. Step up your edible game with either the Gummy Trays or the Butter Trays.


High Tea: Gracious Cannabis Tea-Time Recipes for Every Occasion by Sandra Hinchliffe


The thing we all dreamed of can finally come to your home with this recipe book full of marijuana infused tea-time treats. High Tea will truly live up to its’ name once you explore over seventy-five recipes to elevate tea time. Sandra Hinchliffe delves into: dosing, terpenes, drinks, finger foods, snacks, broths and more in her book; High Tea: Gracious Cannabis Tea-Time Recipes for Every Occasion. Find out more here.

Primal Hemp Herbal Blend Wraps


A quick and simple gift for the stoner in your life, blunt wraps are always a good way to bring holiday cheer. Primal made a pack of wraps made out of hemp for a smooth and natural taste to go along with your favorite herbal blend. Check them out here.

SilverStick Reinvented One Hitter


Looking for a great gift for your smoking buddies? For those who enjoy taking toking out with them on their travels, curating a travel kit has been a great way to stash your stuff with style. SilverStick’s sleek One Hitter is the ultimate gift for the holidays. It holds your bud well and fits seamlessly into your pocket, purse or party bag.

This Bud’s For You by Ed Rosenthal

this buds for you

In the beautifully colored, 211 page book filled with cannabis photography, tips and tricks, cannabis expert Ed Rosenthal goes into detail about his experience with: Growing marijuana, selecting strains, breeding new strains, refining cannabis into oils, waxes and tinctures, and more. Get it here!

Gifts for $25+

Erbanna’s ‘Mindy’ Stash Bag


Every female cannabis user deserves a beautiful stash bag, and Erbanna’s Mindy does not disappoint! As Erbanna’s Founder Ann Shuch says, “These bags were all designed for the way different women consume and go about their day – but until I started using all of the bags, I hadn’t realized that just like any other accessory, whether it be a handbag or a wallet – women change sizes and colors and styles all the time based on their moods, destinations or what they have to bring with them in the moment.”

Mr. Moxey’s Cannabis-Infused Mints


Mr. Moxey’s mints are small little bites of minty freshness, just 5mg each for easy day enjoyment and pleasure. The Sativa peppermint flavor delivers the freshness you crave without being overpowering. There is virtually no weed flavor, which is rare in an edible. Comes in indica, sativa and CBD, each delivered in a discreet and upscale tin.

Daily High Club Subscription Box


The Daily High Club is a subscription box tailored to those who like to light up. Each month’s box comes with a variety of smoking accessories and usually a brand new smoking device. The latest Daily High Club box featured a pairing with the one and the only, Tommy Chong. Some highlights from the 11 different items in this box: Daily High Club / Tommy Chong steam roller, pre-roll cones, glass filter tip, dragon bristle pipe cleaners and a psychedelic clipper lighter. The Daily High Club continues to please and surprise with each new box; subscribe here.

DecarBox by MagicalButter.com

decarbbox magical butter

Decarboxylation is a crucial step in making your own marijuana edibles. Decarbing marijuana is a delicate process but done right, makes for some ultra dank delights. MagicalButter.com made the process easy with the DecarBox. The DecarBox comes with an oven safe silicon box and a precision thermometer. The thermometer has a probe attached with a long, thin cord allowing you to put the thermometer reader outside the oven. Never before has balancing the decarb temperature of bud been so easy; check it out here.

Stash Jar by Stash Makers


Keeping your main marijuana supply in the right environment allows your green to have the maximum effects. To solve the problem of poorly contained weed, Stash Makers has a stainless steel jar that creates a strong vacuum seal to keep out airflow while also preventing light from entering and potentially degrading your precious buds.

Higher Standards’ Supreme Clean Kit


This glass cleaning kit comes loaded with everything you need to make your pieces truly shine. Rest assured that you will have clean hits for many moons with the Supreme Clean Kit by Higher Standards. The pack includes all of the essentials as well as some items that will make your life easier when cleaning. The kit comes with: 99% Isopropyl alcohol, finely milled rock salt, a small funnel, long handled cotton swabs, textured isopropyl wipes, a bristle brush, a pack of pipe cleaners, a big towel, and a set of silicon plugs to seal up your piece. All of these make one of the dirtier tasks of a stoner’s life actually kinda nice.

Vie Vaporizer

Vie Vape

The new Vie Vaporizer is an affordable, compact vaporizer that will bring you to new heights. Using this vape’s capsule technology feels like what you might take with you on your mission to outer space. For an elevated herbal vaping experience without breaking the bank, Vie is the way to go. Find out more information about Vie and their new vaporizer technology here.

Eyce Bong


This bong made by Eyce is truly majestic because the entire thing is made out of ice! If you’re hard on pieces like we are, you know the struggles of breaking your favorite pipe. But Eyce’s ice bong allows you to smoke hard, play hard and get extra chill.

Gifts for $100+

Botanical Essential Oils 3-Pack by Kannaway


Seeking more peace and relaxation throughout the day? Using essential oils is another smooth way to elevate your life. Kannaway curated a pack of essential oils with natural terpenes, Bi-Bong herbal extracts, and botanical oils. The three different blends in the pack: Energy, Tranquility and Immunity provides a perfect balance no matter what mood you are in. Check out the options to calm, elevate and boost your mood here.

Prohibited’s In the 5th Degree Vaporizer


Prohibited just released the In The 5th Degree Vaporizer, which offers attachments for oil, wax and ground herb. The sleek style of this versatile vaporizer creates a smooth feel, provides discretion for your sesh and lets you decide between buds or concentrates, depending on your mood. Perfect for all of your elevated escapades, it’s also well-made, durable and super shiny. A great choice for all cannabis enthusiasts, get it here.

Recycler Glass Dab Rig by Dr. Dabber

dr dabber rig

This elegant dab rig will work its magic for you, no matter the season. For those who are looking to elevate the effects and cleanliness of their seshes, dabbing is the way to go. This dab rig features two paths for the cannabis concentrate to flow into your lungs. It will truly knock you out of the park and provide a nice smooth finish every time. Dr. Dabber really created a gem with this dab rig. Beauty at its finest, the Dr. Dabber Recycler Glass Dab Rig stands above the competition.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer


Your phone hooks up to Bluetooth, as does your smartwatch, computer, car and now, your vaporizer: Enter a more connected world with the DaVinci IQ. With a temp control ranging from 250-430 degrees, this vape allows you to heat your bud the optimal temperature, while Bluetooth controls allow you to track usage and favorite settings over time. DaVinci’s IQ Vape is as precise as they come.

Cloudious9’s Hydrology9 Vaporizer


This vape is a step into the future! Cloudious9’s Hydrology is a necessary inclusion in your stoner arsenal, especially for the tech enthusiasts. Amazingly, it provides the satisfaction of both a vaporizer and a bong all in one innovative product! Its clever design allows you to easily fill the chamber with water and ground herb; with a few clicks of the button and some very captivating light displays, you’ll be able to watch you vapor cool on its way into your lungs.

Firefly II Vaporizer


We love vaporizers that allow the user to consume both flower and concentrate, and the Firefly II delivers just that. Much smaller and lighter than the Firefly1, this vape keeps up the high durability and large chamber capacity of the Firefly tradition. A perfect gift for the cannabis enthusiast or a great gift for yourself; it’s worth the price tag. Check it out here.

What’s on your list this holiday season?


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