Super-Seal Technology w/ the Stash Makers Stash Jar

Keeping your main marijuana supply in the right environment allows your green to have the maximum effects. For example, check out our guide to keeping your marijuana fresh here. To solve the problem of poorly contained weed, Stash Makers has a stainless steel jar that creates a strong vacuum seal to keep out airflow while also preventing light from entering and potentially degrading your precious buds.

Stash Makers Stash Jar (0.5L)

Ease of Use:

This jar has an air-lock gasket on the lid. Use the included hand pump to vacuum seal the jar. Just place the end of the hand pump on the gray silicon gasket and pump the handle. You will know your marijuana is stored safely as soon as you hear the ‘click’. Open the jar by pushing the center of the gasket to the side and hear the pressure being released.


  • 5 liter stainless steel container
  • Stainless steel hand pump
  • Boveda Humidity Pack (62%)


Superb. This well-crafted stainless steel jar is both durable itself and keeps your buds fresh for extended times. The vacuum seal created in this jar is so tight that the jar is impossible to open or spill unless the pressure is released.


Check out this game-changing jar here.

Photos: Toke Tank

Disclaimer: Stash Jar was sent in exchange for a review.

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