Tips for Properly Storing Marijuana

For some of us, smoking cannabis is an art form. Putting all of the pieces together to enjoy a smooth, flavor-full hit of potent marijuana is a time tested story that always leaves the teller with good vibes and mellow thoughts. Properly storing your stash is essential to keeping it as fresh as possible.

There are many things that could go wrong with your marijuana if not properly cared for. Mold, humidity, crushed buds, and lack of potency can ruin your weed. Follow these simple tips and you can store your bud for years to come (although it might not last that long.)


Store your cannabis in a cool, dark place that is out of the way. Since marijuana is a plant, light will cause the bud to try to photosynthesize again, which causes it to break down and become less potent. Heat will cause your marijuana to dry out, leaving it with a very harsh taste.

Moving your bud all of the time exposes it to rapidly changing environmental conditions causing it to break down quicker. Keeping your main stash separate from your daily smoke will keep you from opening your big jar too much. The bottom drawer of a desk works as a perfect hide away for your stash.

Some sources say to freeze your marijuana. Do not follow this advice! Freezing marijuana causes THC crystals to break apart, leaving your bud deprived of its’ usual affects. A static charge can be built up on the container you are using. The charged container can make parts of your bud to jump off and stick to the container, leaving you with a bunch of shake.

Sealed glass jars are the best container to store your cannabis in. Glass jars can be cleaned easily, keep moisture levels consistent, and are far sturdier than many other containers. Most grocery stores and hardware stores carry some sort of glass sealed jar. Make sure that the size of the jar is about even with the amount of cannabis you want to store at one time.

Using plastic zip-locks is convenient, but is not a safe spot to keep your weed. The bag will leak out the wonderful smell, causing your bud to degrade and might cause some raised heads around you as they get a whiff of your bud. Storing your weed in a plastic bag will cause the buds to get crushed while they role around.

Properly storing your marijuana will make the experience far more enjoyable. The crisp flavors available in marijuana can be enjoyed to their fullest when properly taken care of. A sealed glass jar placed in a cool, dark drawer is all you need to do. How do you store your marijuana?

Photos: Cannabis Culture

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