Fearless Female Fashion Accessories: Spotlight on Erbanna

“I went on a quest to find something with a better design aesthetic, feminine, odor-controlled and that didn’t scream ‘I’m carrying marijuana!’ but it simply did not exist.  So I decided to make it.”

There is a shortage of stylish smoking accessories for women; especially ones that help you stay discreet. Many women love to enjoy cannabis, especially since it helps reduce stress on a hectic day. For those who want to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without anyone noticing the strong smell of their weed, Erbanna is for you. Why did Erbanna create fashionable products for women in the weed world? Read on for a look into the company from the Owner and Founder of Erbanna, Ann Shuch.

What is your name and title?

View from the top floor of the current Esplanade, Luxury Senior Residences on Richmond Ave. in Bulls Head. Photos taken May 9, 2016. (Staten Island Advance/ Jan Somma-Hammel)

Ann Shuch, Boss Lady.

(At least that’s what my business cards say)

and I am the Owner and Founder of Erbanna

How / Why did you get into the cannabis industry?

I had an idea! Doesn’t it always seem to start that way?  I’d been smoking for a while and a friend gave me a case for my birthday.  I loved that I finally had something to keep my weed in, but the case stuck out like a sore thumb with the other accessories in my bag and definitely raised eyebrows.   I went on a quest to find something with a better design aesthetic, feminine, odor-controlled and that didn’t scream “I’m carrying marijuana!” but it simply did not exist.  So I decided to make it.

What sets Erbanna apart from its competitors?

Erbanna is addressing all of the women out there who smoke. We recognize that this is simply a part of their lifestyle and doesn’t define them as hippies, or outcasts or underachievers. They are just women who made a choice to have this in their lives. Though they all have their own personal styles, Erbanna knows that there are things these women have in common besides being women consuming weed – they are women who love accessories.

How does the odor control work?

We use a barrier lining that keeps the odor locked inside, as well as other small design details and features to secure the smell.

How do you ensure that your products are the best they can be?

We do a lot of R&D. I personally use and test all of my products as well as ask select groups of family and friends to test out and use these bags. We then gather the feedback, good and bad, and work from there. We are also constantly part of the cannabis conversation: asking women how they smoke, where they smoke, they’re preferences in sizes of cases, and other questions that help us keep the pulse on this community.

What is your favorite of Erbanna products?

Every time I test a new bag, it becomes my favorite! It’s really true – I’m a woman who loves accessories. What’s funny is I actually designed the Mindy first, thinking that was all I would need as my grab and go but it has since become my home bag always packed and ready on my counter or nightstand.

Now that I also vape (new to me) I love the Rae because the center zipper compartment fits the vape pen perfectly and keeps the mouthpiece free from purse residue and if the cartridge ever leaks, it will keep that away from anything else in my bag.

I take the Kimberly out at night because it’s a perfect sized clutch and it has little feet so it can sit on a bar or table. But right now, I have the Chrissy in my bag!

These bags were all designed for the way different women consume and go about their day – but until I started using all of the bags, I hadn’t realized that just like any other accessory, whether it be a handbag or a wallet – women change sizes and colors and styles all the time based on their moods, destinations or what they have to bring with them in the moment.

What is the one item you need to have in your Erbanna bag?

Well that’s pretty hilarious – clearly my weed!  For me, it’s not one but 3 basic items; weed, a lighter and a pipe.

What do you like most about cannabis?

I have always loved the ritual associated with cannabis. When I was younger, I’d spend a lot of time cleaning it, getting all the seeds and sticks out as I prepared to roll the perfect joint – not too tight or too loose. Then the action of smoking it and ultimately the overall sense of well being it brought me. Now that a lot of my ritual is obsolete, I still love the physical action of smoking and shedding that layer of angst, giving me the ability to take a breath and see things more clearly.

How has cannabis helped define who you are?


For most of my life I’ve been a cannabis consumer, but I never really thought that it “defined” me anymore than the fact that I like vodka defines me.

I will say, before now, I have never really been passionate about legalization. I never thought that at this point in my life I would have the guts to stand up and admit I smoke weed, for a cause. My consumption of cannabis has led me to create Erbanna, which has put me smack in the middle of a movement. I’ve become part of the cannabis industry and part of a movement, which has given me a voice.

Before now, I had never been an advocate for anything (other than my kids), but taking this stand, letting people know that I consume, publicly stating that I think there should be legalization, and creating storage for de-stigmatizing the use of cannabis has made it clear to me that there is something that I am very passionate about.

Being willing to stand up and fight for the belief that people can have cannabis as a part of their lives and still be productive defines who I am more than anything else I have done.

How have you dealt with canna-bias throughout the years?

I have always been very careful about whom I have chosen to share that part of my life. Marijuana has been illegal for most of my life and it was not something that I felt was necessary for me to share. If I did tell someone who then looked at or treated me differently, I felt that this was their right and it was not a personal affront to me in any way. But mostly, I recognized that there was canna-bias and chose to hide and keep that secret so that I was not subjected to it.

What is your favorite strain of all time?

Golden Goat – hands down! This is a fun, uplifting, euphoric strain that allows me to go deep into layers of thinking without getting too far into my own head. This strain is great for brainstorming or just hanging out with friends and getting into great discussions. We end up feeling like we just solved all of the problems of the world!

What are you working on next?

In the immediate future we have really cool wallet sized kits coming out, but beyond that, we have several things in the pipeline. As we’ve gone to a bunch of trade shows and some industry events we have noticed some gaping holes in the product offerings that I’d like to address to be part of my lifestyle brand.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Legalization is very important to me on a broad level as well as a personal one. I’ve seen some of the benefits that this plant offers in it’s various forms and have seen first-hand, the positive effects it has on PTSD and on physical traumas like uncontrollable spasms in quadriplegics, which cannot be ignored.

The movement to legalize is snowballing because of so many dedicated people taking up the cause. Any small part we can play in creating awareness and education about the benefits of cannabis we should. Just admitting you’re a consumer can start a conversation.

We have a great opportunity here! Let’s all help to make it happen.

Ann and her company, Erbanna, certainly understand what it’s like to be a woman who consumes weed. We’ve all been in the situation where your marijuana is announcing itself via the smell; Erbanna definitely removes this fear and allows you to move seamlessly throughout your day, while flying high like a kite. Thanks, to Erbanna for sharing with us, and to Ann for filling a much-needed void in the female weed smoking world! We look forward to seeing what’s coming next.


Learn more about Erbanna here.


*Disclosure: Erbanna provided us with a complimentary bag; this has no bearing on our review or Spotlight.


Photos: Ann’s headshot by Jan Somma-Hammel, Toke Tank


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