How to Choose the Perfect Pot #BookReview

What weed should you choose? This guide can help.

We live in an exciting time in history with cannabis legalization happening to some degree all over the world. But with the wide range of new companies, products and consumption options available to consumers on pot shop shelves, how can the average customer figure out what is right for their cannabis needs? Luckily, there is a new resource that can help weed (pun intended) through the variety. This Bud’s for You written by Ed Rosenthal, celebrates legal marijuana and provides insightful information about a range of marijuana topics.

This Bud’s for You: Legal Marijuana: Selecting, Growing & Enjoying Cannabis

In the beautifully colored, 211 page book, filled with cannabis photography, tips and tricks, Rosenthal goes into detail about his experience with:

  • Growing marijuana
  • Selecting strains
  • Breeding new strains
  • Refining cannabis into oils, waxes and tinctures
  • Career opportunities in the cannabis industry
  • Culture of marijuana in today’s society

All of this outstanding information is paired with detailed, high quality and jaw dropping images of the beautiful cannabis plant. This Bud’s for You is an essential read for any cannabis consumer, novice or expert. Pick up a copy today and found out which bud’s truly for you.

this buds for you

*Book provided for review


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