Cannabis Cooking: Chicken w/ Bruschetta

Cannabis bruschetta made with farm-fresh tomatoes, straight from the vine

In season, juicy and delicious, multicolored cherry tomatoes are front and center in this great, easy, cannabis recipe. Simply cook some chicken breasts on the stove, prepare this succulent farm-fresh bruschetta and combine. Your taste buds (and your mind) will thank you.


2 large chicken breasts

A dash of cannabis infused olive oil

For the Bruschetta:

5 large fresh tomatoes, ripe and juicy, chopped

½ a bunch of fresh basil

¼ of a cup of cannabis infused olive oil

3 cloves of crushed garlic


How to Make It:

Mix together bruschetta ingredients and let sit for 30 minutes so the flavors intermingle.

Grill or prepare chicken breasts stovetop using cannabis infused olive oil.

Top the cooked chicken with fresh bruschetta and enjoy!


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