Herban Planet Launches Marijuana Into Space (Because They Can)

Winning the “Most Interesting Weed News” Award today, Herban Planet has successfully launched Space Weed Bro marijuana into space. Why? Because they can, and to promote the launch of their new products, which will be available for purchase exclusively at Level Up dispensary in Phoenix.

Outta This World!

Earlier this week, Herban Planet’s Space Weed Bro made intergalactic history by launching one pound of marijuana flower 32 KM above the Earth’s surface into space.

The space vessel, a clear cube containing the duly-named “Space Weed Bro,” was attached to a weather balloon with GPS tracking and was retrieved after descending back down to the Arizona desert.  The entire event was documented from various angles using cameras attached to the vessel as well as drones and an on-the-ground video crew.

Check out the launch below and click here for more info!

Photo credit – Herban Planet

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