Sweet and Delicious Blackberry Kush

**Like camping in a meadow of blackberries**

Blackberry Kush is a tasty weed strain prized for its dark purple color and sweet flavor. An Indica-dominant hybrid that’s fairly strong, it brought good vibes and a delicious taste. Grown by Grow State 1, it’s a mix of Afghani and Oregon Blackberry strains with a strong Indica background.


Info to Know:

Type: Blackberry Kush, Indica-dominant

THC Content: 8.4 percent total THC

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Nugs: Thick, black and purple nugs.Deep, dense and dark.

Odor: Sour and strong. Thick diesel smell with a light sweetness of fresh berries. Lemon tinged.

Taste: sweet and strong, light kush taste at the end.  Not harsh or sour.

High: the high feels light, yet heavy at the same time. A melting weed that lands near your eyes. Melts your mind and relaxes your body.



Blackberry Kush

Flick the lighter, crackle, crackle, inhale. Mind and body melt. Exhale slowly.

Blackberry Kush has mostly been used medicinally, but it’s a favorite among recreational users looking for a mellow, yet deep high. The indica-quality of this bud is apparent immediately after the first hit and users will want to relax in a nice arm chair with some quality tunes.

The real beauty of Blackberry Kush isn’t even the bud’s dashing good looks. The taste of Blackberry Kush is a bit diesel-y with notes of fresh fruit and berries. It’s sweet and approachable; its purple tinge will feel unique and exciting. The strong indica vibes will help relieve mild pain and make your mind feel relaxed and easy.




Photos: Toke Tank, Jared Smith

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