It’s Legalized, OG!

Heavy-hitting Sativa with a classic flavor and bright, mellow high

Did you know OG stands for ‘Ocean Grown?’ That breezy spirit is apparent in this cool strain called Legalized OG. Sourced from American Mary in Seattle, the buds are beautiful and the high is pure bliss. Grown by Seattle’s Private Reserve, this weed is strong and mellow, flavorful and mentally energetic.

Info to Know: Washington state became one of the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use in 2012 – talk about “Evergreen!”



Type: Legalized OG, Sativa-dominant hybrid

THC Content: 21.87 percent total THC

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Nugs: Fluffy with dark orange hairs which highlights the deep forest green color of the bud

Odor: Heavy on the kush, a slightly deep sour scent

Taste: Round, full, thick smoke with a classic taste – that ideal weed flavor. Feels like a comforting meal

High: Strong and mellow, mentally uplifting with a slight body high


Legalized OG

Known as a Cali strain, Legalized OG is making waves in the Seattle market. We found it to be comforting, warm and heavy, but encouraged a bright outlook on life with a strong social buzz. It may not be the weed you reach for on a special occasion, but it’s certainly a reliable strain that’s sure to sate your ganja hunger, and get you feeling nice and lifted.

A weed for relaxing with in an armchair, Legalized OG encourages mental creativity and connections with other human beings while still providing a fun body high and strong relaxation. It would also be quite nice to enjoy on a nature hike; just let your mind wander as you explore the world around you.

The smoke is full and heavy, and the taste reminds us of that classic weed flavor. It may also be good to end a meal with; roast a bowl and relax into the evening with a couple hours of bright and intellectually stimulating conversation with friends.

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Photos: Toke Tank, Unsplash


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