Glass, Art and a $30,000 Price Tag: High-End Glass Display in NYC

The art exhibit will feature 30 glass pieces that carry a price tag ranging from $500-$300,000.

We’ve always felt like cannabis glass was truly an art form in its own, but your colorful $10-$15 bong from the local smoke shop is definitely going to be upstaged by some new glass that’s being put on display at a gallery in New York City. Stocked with glass that carries a $30,000+ price tag and truly begs for stares and compliments, the gallery is owned by Mr. Grey of Grey Space Art.

Grey Space Art

To Mr. Grey, art comes first, followed closely by the function of the glass. As he explained to Forbes, “I met a guy who made bongs – glass and sculptural and they were being sold as art first and foremost,” said Grey. “I thought the contemporary art world would love this stuff and I’ve been working on how to bring it to the art world.”

The bear is the ‘Honey Bear Bong’ by Kurt B

The art exhibit will feature roughly 30 glass pieces that carry a price tag ranging from $500-$300,000. It features glass created by several artists, including Robert Mickelsen. According to the gallery’s website, “Grey Space Art believes in challenging the status quo. [They] exhibit artists daring enough to be labeled as radical, subversive, and rebellious.”

The gallery will be showing the glass on September 10th and 11th in Soho. To learn more about Grey Space Art, click here. For more info about the high-end glass Grey Space Art has on display, check out this article from Forbes.

Photos: Gun is the ‘weapon of peace’ by Robert Mickelsen
Honey Bear Bong by Kurt B:
The Weapon of Peace by Robery Mickelsen:
Grey Space Art:

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