Best Strains for Every Mood

One of the best things about cannabis is that there are thousands of different strains to choose from, each with their own flavors, feelings and essence. This gives marijuana uses the ability to choose certain types based on their moods and desires; it’s a way to “curate” your day of weed smoking. How can you pick the strain that’s right for you? Let’s start with the two main categories: Indica and Sativa.

Indica vs. Sativa

Indica vs. Sativa

A good rule of thumb to remember the difference between these two marijuana categories is that Indica = “In Da Couch.” A good Indica strain will produce a body high, making the user feel more relaxed, heavier and even a bit lethargic, usually with accompanying munchies. It’s great to relax you at the end of the day and usually adds up to more “bang for your buck.” On the other end of the spectrum, Sativa strains produce a lighter head high, a cerebral outburst of energy, stimulate creativity and are good daytime strains that bring euphoria and happiness.

Here’s an overview of great strains based on every type of mood:

Strains to Enjoy When You’re Feeling…


Cher Willie’s – True to its parent named after the famous singer, the roots of this strain are known for its euphoric, uplifting and creative effects. This is the strain for artists and inventors.


Sleestack – Sleestack brings a deep high that is mellow and uplifting. Perfect for keeping a good day on the right path.


Double Giggle – Not sure what to do with yourself? Light up some Double Giggle and the weed will determine the adventure for you.


White Rhino – When you’re sleepy AF, it’s best to just give in. Smoke White Rhino to encourage thick REM cycles and euphoric dreams.


Purple Jolly Rancher – A strong Indica-dominant strain that’s sure to bring out your inner giggles, Purple Jolly Rancher is sweet and silly.


Super Sour Silver Diesel Haze – If you need a pick-me-up, look no further than Super Sour Silver Diesel Haze. Like a burst of caffeine, this weed produces a strong head high and gives lots of energy.


Thai OG – Like eating a full meal of tasty Thai food, this strain makes you feel munchy and high yet completely full at the same time.


Orange Kush – When life is just handing you one thing after another, Orange Kush is a strain that can cure what ails you.


Six Shooter – Promising “dreamy euphoria with heightened senses,” Six Shooter is a great weed to turn to when your day is going well, and you just want it to keep getting better.


Space Queen – Puffing on Space Queen is like a beginning a sweet-natured interdimensional space mission.


Headband – Smooth, sweet and powerful, Headband is the strain to smoke your troubles away. It engulfs your mind in euphoria and hugs your body with happiness.


Alice in Wonderland – A strain that makes you feel light, free and full of a childlike awe, it’s an easy daytime sativa that will bring you bliss and peace.


Ogopogo Gold – Named after the legend of the elusive Ogopogo monster, this strain encourages you to drift away and explore the world.


Strawberry Cough – Strong and instant. Very head-heavy yet bright and clear. The perfect creative sativa.

Out of Control

Gorilla Glue – Nothing says that you’re more in charge than having the mental strength of a gorilla and the inner peace of mind to take control of the jungle.


Palouse Peach – Fruity, sweet, upbeat and euphoric, no one can feel grumpy when they’re smoking a deliciously decadent bowl of Palouse Peach!


Snoop Dogg Dream – Named for one of the most famous weed-smokers around, Snoop Dogg Dream is perfect for mellowing you out while lifting you up.


Afternoon Delight – When your troubles are too much to handle, reach for Afternoon Delight, a light and easy Sativa-dominant strain that will bring your mind higher than the clouds while still remaining calm, cool and collected.

We love being able to control your mood based on the strain you choose; legal weed allows us a new ability to add a different lens to life. What’s your go-to strain?

Photos: Toke Tank

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