Gorilla Glue-d to the Couch

Stronger, Faster.

Like a gorilla charging through the jungle, the Gorilla Glue strain (grown by Phat Panda) makes you feel in charge and in control of your world. Named as such for its ability to make the user feel glued to the couch, it is also quite powerful, euphoric and long-lasting.

Info to Know: Gorilla Glue, not to be confused with this weed strain, is a brand of thick and strong adhesive glue. It indeed is stronger, and faster.


Type: Gorilla Glue, a 50-50 hybrid Sativa/Indica mix

THC Content: 23.1 percent total THC

Rating: 4.9 out of 5.

Nugs: Small, dense, long and thin. Pieces lean upward like a bouquet of flowers.

Odor: Very sour smelling. Bright.

Taste: Sour and flavorful. Very tasty: a strong burst of flavor then a smooth journey begins.

High:  Powerful and strong, thick and dreamy.


Gorilla Glue


The package of Gorilla Glue promised “Stronger, Faster.” That may sound strange, but once we smoked this strain we immediately understood its effects. The nugs smell sour yet fragrant, like morning dew mixed with the fresh scent of the ocean.

The first inhale is thick, sour and flavorful, almost like eating a full meal and feeling very satisfied. Gorilla Glue’s smoke tastes vibrant and strong, like its giving you the power from within to take over the world. A smooth rhythm hits you and you begin sailing on the wave of stoned wonder.

The high is smooth, uplifting and strong as a gorilla. It’s a thick and dreamy weed, one that lingers right on the edge of Indica and Sativa. You too will feel your mind and body linger in each moment and wander from second to second. You’ll want to simultaneously be locked to the couch yet floating through the clouds.


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Photos: Unsplash, Toke Tank

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