Budtending 2.0: First Digital Dispensary Opens

Digital innovation entering the customer experience has been hot in the news recently and this announcement is no exception. The nation’s first digital recreational marijuana dispensary has just opened in Bremerton, WA. It’s called The Reef and it combines all the trappings of a traditional dispensary and meshes it seamlessly with the latest technology to create a user friendly, efficient and discreet weed buying experience.

The Reef is nestled in one of Seattle’s scenic suburbs of Bremerton and invites customers to come in and have a one of a kind shopping experience with informational flat screens throughout the store flashing information about various products and strains.


Customers can step up to a variety of tablets that describe each and every strain in detail: what their affects are, their origin, their THC and CBD levels, etc.  Shoppers can then add products to their shopping cart, check out and their purchases are brought out directly to them.  This process, which is unique to The Reef, takes away the pressure of customers waiting behind them for a budtender’s attention and gives them the time to make a relaxed and informed decision. It also mirrors the online shopping experience; of reading reviews and ordering that consumers are comfortable with. Of course, live budtenders will still be available to help you pick your perfect strain.

The Reef: 1107 N. Callow Ave Bremerton, WA  98312


Photos: The Reef

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