Breathtaking Barcelona Diesel


Sweet, happy and uplifting.

Hailed as the “best of both worlds” in weed, Barcelona Diesel is one of the most balanced hybrid strains around. Perfect for enjoying at any time of day, the strain will take your breath away.

Info to Know: Until 1992, Barcelona’s beaches weren’t used for leisure, despite it being called the “Best Beach City” in the world by National Geographic.

Type: Barcelona Diesel, hybrid (60% Indica, 40% Sativa)

THC Content: 12.51 percent total THC

Grower: Novo Dias Farms

Color: Bright, light green

Odor: Strong diesel with an ocean hint, invigorating

Taste: Strong, hint of pine and a smooth sweet finish. Like ice cream

High: Sweet, happy and uplifting. Brings your mind and spirit to life

Barcelona Diesel

A cross between Black Domina and NYC Diesel, Barcelona Diesel is a nice hybrid that brings relaxed happiness. Although it’s an indica-dominant hybrid, it does bring some sativa-like qualities such as a creative head high.

Smoking Barcelona Diesel is delightful. On the inhale, the smoke is rich, forest-y and smooth. It’s an easy hitter with a sweet, flavorful aftertaste; like sweet mint ice cream. A spring vibe with a stoned finish, this one is perfect for everyone.

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Photos: Toke Tank, Unsplash

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