Summiting Everest

Clear, light, focused

Ever wanted to summit your own personal Everest? Try smoking this weed first. The strain is flavorful, earthy and intense without being overpowering. Its effects are shorter than many strains, making it great for enjoying atop a mountain without being too blazed to get back down. Continue reading Summiting Everest

Breathtaking Barcelona Diesel


Sweet, happy and uplifting.

Hailed as the “best of both worlds” in weed, Barcelona Diesel is one of the most balanced hybrid strains around. Perfect for enjoying at any time of day, the strain will take your breath away. Continue reading Breathtaking Barcelona Diesel

Pop Open the Champagne!

Peaceful, powerful, relaxing and inquisitive

Bringing joy, excitement and happiness, smoking the Champagne weed strain is much like enjoying your favorite glass of bubbly on New Year’s Eve. One sip has you bursting with excitement and an awareness of new possibilities. Continue reading Pop Open the Champagne!