Summiting Everest

Clear, light, focused

Ever wanted to summit your own personal Everest? Try smoking this weed first. The strain is flavorful, earthy and intense without being overpowering. Its effects are shorter than many strains, making it great for enjoying atop a mountain without being too blazed to get back down.


Info to Know: Every year, Mount Everest grows about 4 millimeters higher in elevation, due to shifting tectonic plates in the Earth’s mantle. 

Type: Everest, Indica-dominant

THC Content: 12.87 percent total THC

Grower: Novo Dia Farms

Nugs: White tipped buds, dark forest green

Odor: Citrus-y, like freshly squeezed orange juice

Taste: Earthy, green, citrus-y, with diesel hints

High: Clear, light, focused



Everest is a blend of Super Skunk and White Widow. Its white tinged buds are reminiscent of the peaks of its mountain namesake. It’s earthy, satisfying, light and delicious on the inhale, and smooth and powerful on the exhale. The high begins in the back of your head and slowly cruises to your forehead. It’s a fresh and clear feeling that isn’t too heavy or introspective.

Smoking Everest keeps you focused on your goal, moving forward with your life. It’s perfect for mid-day, morning, early afternoon or when you’re burning the midnight oil trying to finish a project. Pick up this strain and summit your Everest today.

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Photos: Toke Tank, Unsplash

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