When We Buy An Ounce…

Under I-502 in Washington, citizens over 21 can legally purchase and hold onto up to one ounce (28 grams) of marijuana. The cannabis enthusiast looking for a deal will naturally gravitate toward this option as purchasing weed in large quantities usually lends to a better price. But what do you do once you purchase an ounce? Here’s what the process is like for us.

We take it from the store in a brown paper bag and store it in the trunk of the car on the way home, resisting the urge to rip open the package. The reason for this is because in Washington, marijuana is now considered the way alcohol is: an open container (in addition to all booze and weed) should be safely stored in the trunk of the car.

Once safely home, the smell of our newly purchased ounce is like heaven to the nose; it can barely be contained by the packaging. After ripping the bag open and breathing in its contents, it’s time to enjoy a relaxing smoke. But the plastic package isn’t the best option for keeping your marijuana fresh; that’s where the Ankomn Savior (or as we like to call it, the Space Box), comes in. It’s the world`s most advanced non-electric vacuum storage container!

SAV-01-GR Front

One twist of the wrist and our marijuana was safely sealed inside. It feels futuristic and reminds us of becoming a space faring stoner. The Ankomn Savior is a great product for anyone who wants to keep their weed from drying out, preserving the smell and keeping your THC crystals intact. Plus spinning the vacuum sealed lid on is enjoyable, especially after you’d had a few hits.

With the freshest ounce around and ready for the smoking, life couldn’t be better than it is with legalized marijuana. What do you do when you buy an ounce of weed?


Photos: Ankomn

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