Best Weed Strains for Watching Fireworks

Summer has kicked off and the 4th of July is upon us!

If you’re trying to light up your green like fireworks on the 4th of July, you’ll love this list of the best strains for the holiday. Grab your gear, some friends and one of these great cannabis strains to celebrate the occasion.

Best Cannabis Strains for the 4th of July

Cotton Candy – It’s a relaxing and creative strain; sure to uplift you and float your worries away.
Aliens on Moonshine – A great companion for helping you explore this silly thing called the human experience, Aliens on Moonshine brings a deep body high, introspection and personal adventure.
White Rhino – A slow roasting burn that begins in the back of your throat and creeps its way into all corners of your mind.

Balanced Hybrid:

Gorilla Glue – Named for its ability to make the user feel glued to the couch, it is powerful, euphoric and long-lasting.
Mind Fiesta – Like an energetic gathering in your mind, it brings refreshing euphoria and happiness, with your brain firing exuberantly on all cylinders.


Northern Haze – In the context of a social setting, Northern Haze will spark just the right vibe.
AK-47 – This strong strain is pleasant and uplifting without too spacy of a head high.
Alice in Wonderland – Instant strong euphoria and full body happiness. Enter Cloud 420.

What weed strains are you lighting up this 4th of July?


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