Bright and Whimsical Cotton Candy

Relaxing, Uplifting, Creative

Stoner with a sweet tooth will love Cotton Candy, a great Indica-dominant strain prized for its fluffy nugs, sticky trichomes and sweet fragrance. Grown by Hempire, it’s a relaxing and creative strain; sure to uplift you and float your worries away.

Info to Know:

Type: Cotton Candy, Indica-dominant

THC Content: 16.02 percent total THC

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Nugs: light and crystally, fringes of burnt orange hair. Definitely fluffy, not very dense or compact

Odor: Sweet and sticky, definitely reminds us of pink confections. A hint of lemon

Taste: Sweet on the inhale and smooth and

High: Bright and whimsical, it makes colors more colorful and sounds more sweet to the ear.



Cotton Candy

Power Plant and Lavender strains mix in this great strain. Cotton Candy is perfect for a sunny afternoon with plenty of cloud watching. Liked to a childhood candy craze, this weed makes you feel full of wonder and potential. It gets you deeply stoned, but keeps a smooth and bright high.

Simply being pink-tinged does not make any strain a true Cotton Candy. In order to achieve this title, it must have the characteristics of carnival-style confections. It should be sweet smelling, like pink lemonade on a hot day and make you feel light and uninhibited when smoked.

Sweet on the inhale and sweet on the mind, smoking this strain is like being out in the world and feeling brand new. Enjoy Cotton Candy to its fullest by attending an event of carnival, exploring in nature or trying something new. Have you tried Cotton Candy?


Photo: Marjan Lazarevski, Toke Tank

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