[Take a Magic Flight] Launch Box Review

A super simple, durable, compact dry-bud vaporizer

Are you ready to take flight? Magic Flight’s Launch Box is a great dry-herb travel vape that allows you to soar to higher planes almost as if you had a magic carpet.

Product Description:

The Launch Box by Magic Flight is the perfect vape for anyone looking for a simple, compact, dry bud vaporizer. The wooden frame gives this model a chill, natural vibe. With lifetime warranties for everything but the heating element, you can take this vaporizer on all of your adventures and not worry about breakage. The Launch Box comes with two batteries, a cleaning tool, a metal carrying case and a charging doc. The additional battery extends the time you can be enjoying your herb and the recharge-ability makes this a good eco-friendly option. Easy to clean and maintain, this is our go-to vape for ground, dry herbs.

Ease of Use:

A compact dry bud vaporizer which is super easy to use. Simply open the cover, throw in some ground buds , slide the top back on, press the battery in a little and enjoy a smooth, flavorful experience. The inhale tube, vaporizer box and battery are all separate parts, making it easy to construct or pack back away in seconds. The large bowl chamber and detachable parts makes the Launch Box really easy to clean out and keep maintained. Especially with the small brush that comes with.

Overall Product Rating: 4.20/5. The only cumbersome part of this model is the heating ability; it requires an awkward angle to hold and can cause a slight hand cramp if you hold it incorrectly.

As one of the first vaporizers we tried out, Magic Flight will always be close to our hearts. The Launch Box suits our needs for a simple, compact, portable, durable, dry bud vaporizer. Hold the battery in, wait for the smoke to collect, breathe in deeply and take flight.

magic flight

Learn more about the Magic Flight Launch Box here.


Photos: Magic Flight

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