Stay Safe on Social Media: Police Busts in Legal Weed States

Yikes! Careful what you post. Police in states where marijuana is recreationally legal (Alaska, Colorado, Washington and Oregon) are turning to social media to bust non-state operations. Sometimes turning to entrapment, a recent article by The High Times shows those living in pot-friendly states may not be living under pot-friendly law enforcement.

Going as far as creating fake social media profiles where they disguise themselves as growers and sellers, cops are turning to sneaking practices in order to catch those picking up, growing and selling large quantities of weed. While marijuana may be legal in certain states, there are certainly limits on how much ones can grow, possess and sell.

The moral of the story: careful who you are talking to about weed online and be careful what you post.
Read the full article here on The High Times.


Photo: Brett Levin

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