Lemonade: A Taste of Summer in Winter [Cannabis Quencher Review]

“A good, old-fashioned summer afternoon in a bottle. Hammock not included,” reads the label of lemonade flavored cannabis quencher. A summer afternoon sounds just wonderful in these dark, cold winter days where snow lays heavy on the ground and the ice below seems as if it will never crack. One taste of this refreshing beverage and all of those concerns melted away.


A lightly sparkling drink that’s delicious and thirst-quenching, this one had a light aftertaste of weed. Not so much that you’d feel like you were eating an edible or smoking a bowl, but just enough to remind you that the tasty drink is infused with canna-goodness. (The reminder is necessary, as this drink is so delicious you could down it in a minute!)

Flavors also come in hibiscus, strawberry lemonade, mango, pomegranate acai (Evergreen Herbal’s CEO’s favorite!), and more, but potency varies by flavor.

Smells: like strong and sour lemonade

Tastes: like smooth and sweet enjoyment. no weed aftertaste like many edible infusions

Potency: 30 mg THC (on the higher end of Cannabis Quenchers, not for the inexperienced)

High: Strong, but came in waves. Not a couch-lock high, but still quite relaxing. Just like lounging in a hammock.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Made by Seattle’s own Evergreen Herbal, you can find Lemonade Cannabis Quenchers at your local WA pot shop. Learn more about it here.


Photos: Toke Tank, Evergreen Herbal

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