Cannabis: The Salt of Life [Interview with Evergreen Herbal]

We recently got a chance to speak with Marco Hoffman, the CEO of Evergreen Herbal. Evergreen Herbal is a Seattle-based cannabis company that creates decadent and mouth-watering medicinal treats designed to improve the quality of users’ lives. We asked Marco about his favorite things about the marijuana industry and his thoughts on the company.

How did you get into the marijuana industry?

My stepmother was battling breast cancer and was admitted to a hospice facility. She was at the point where she was calling family to say goodbye. Next morning she goes catatonic.  My father told the doctor this is the last time the family will see her, and needed to take drugs out of IV. The doctor pushed back on cannabis but eventually let us administer it in the form of edibles. It was great for pain management and made the doctor feel more comfortable about lowering opiates.

We ended up giving her brownies and she was alive for 2 more weeks. My dad was a very traditional guy and conservative and Republican. His view of cannabis changed within 24 hours. This experience parlayed into the creation of VCC Brands.

What is your favorite product Evergreen Herbal makes?

Cannabis Quenchers Sparkling Pomegranate Blueberry Acai is my favorite flavor.


Can you tell us about the process of extraction?

 We use all 3-extraction methods (butane, C02, ethanol). We use all 3 methods depending on product we are making.

How does cannabis enhance your life?

Cannabis is the salt of life. Food tastes better. Sex feels better. Music sounds better.

What are some of the safety procedures you follow?

After the cannabis is extracted we test the oil for potency. Based on the potency we adjust the recipes so that the finished product has exactly what we claim it does.  Then once a product is made we test one unit out of every batch to double-check ourselves that no error has occurred.

What advice can you give to those new to edibles or infused products?

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Just because an edible is large doesn’t make it potent and vice versa. Start slow and know your dose.

How potency of each product tested and verified?

Quality assurance standards require we test every batch of oil for residual solvents, microbials (yeast, mold, bacteria) and potency.

How does fun play a role in your company?

Fun is only one component of Evergreen Herbal. We try and improve everyone’s life around us whether it’s our consumers or employees. We put consumers, dispensaries and employees first and then ourselves. We’re selfless. We are trying to create environment where people are respected and valued. We are trying to create an atmosphere in our work environment that permeates to our customers and public. We are trying to improve quality of life and happiness is one part of that.

Kudos to Marco and all that Evergreen Herbal is doing to transform the marijuana industry!

Learn more about Evergreen Herbal here.

Photos: Evergreen Herbal

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