Fly High on the 4th of July: Best Holiday Strains

If you’re trying to light up your green like fireworks on the 4th of July, you’ll love this list of the best strains for the holiday. Grab your lighter, your favorite piece, some friends and one of these great Washington-grown weed strains.

Best Strains for the 4th of July



B-52 – Spacy and buzzy, making you think more and want to do more; its effects brought the user to a deeper understanding in their mind.

Cotton Candy – It’s a relaxing and creative strain; sure to uplift you and float your worries away.

Purple Jolly Rancher – It is a strong strain that is relaxing, uplifting and silly. Cue “The Giggs” a la 21 Jump Street.

White Rhino – A slow roasting burn that begins in the back of your throat and creeps its way into all corners of your mind.

50/50 Hybrid:

Gorilla Glue – Named for its ability to make the user feel glued to the couch, it is powerful, euphoric and long-lasting.



AK-47 – This strong strain is pleasant and uplifting without too spacy of a head high.

Alice in Wonderland – Instant strong euphoria and full body happiness. Enter Cloud 420.

Double Giggle – A silly, happy, euphoric haze.

Six Shooter – Six Shooter makes you zone out, explore your mind and find your intensity.


What weed strains are you lighting up this 4th of July?


Photos: Toke Tank

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