New Gym Allows Cannabis When Training

Do you like to toke while you train? There are many opinions on the subject of exercise and cannabis, but enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that there’s a new gym in California that will let smokers light up while they lift. But before you get too excited, the athletic center isn’t exactly a smoking lounge, it’s a place where people can learn about how cannabis affects their workout performance.

According to the High Times,

“The philosophy of the fitness club includes the use of cannabis as a tool for focus and recovery. New members will take a “cannabis performance assessment” under staff supervision to determine the “most optimal ways to consume,” explained Co-Founder Jim McAlpine. “We are focused on the athletic side, not the cannabis side,” McAlpine told Tech Insider. “And helping our members figure out the best way for them to ingest their cannabis.”

Learn more about the new gym here.


Photo: Unsplash

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