Slaying Stoner Stereotypes: Seattle 420 Games Recap

The first ever Seattle 420 Games fun run aimed to change the perception of cannabis and the people who use it.

There’s a common misconception about weed smokers that they’re lazy, un-motivated and un-ambitious. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth; marijuana enthusiasts are vibrant, artistic, business-driven and lead an active, social lifestyle. This year’s 420 Games aimed to prove this stereotype wrong, and their first ever Seattle 420 Games this past weekend was a delightful activation that showcased the spirit of cannabis smokers, and combined it with the athletic vibe of a 4.20 mile run/walk.

Seattle’s First 420 Games

Held in Magnuson Park, Seattle’s 420 Games had all the excitement of a cannabis event, and all the athleticism of a 5K or fun run. The perfect mix of the two, it was created by Jim McAlpine with the goal of showing the world that cannabis users aren’t dopey as many would believe, but passionate about sports and fitness.

“I started the event to create something different and unlike other cannabis events. This year’s 420 Games aims to promote an active lifestyle,” said McAlpine.

Marijuana as Part of Workout & Recovery

The overwhelming vibe of the runners we spoke with was positive and optimistic about the use of cannabis and the future of the industry. They described how they use cannabis as a regular part of their workout routine, use it to help with fitness training and describe its importance in the exercise recovery process. Rather than taking an Advil or Ibuprofen, man-made pills or snake oil cures, the runners we spoke with shared how they use edibles, oils, tinctures and good ol’ marijuana flowers to ease the pain after a big bout of physical exertion. It helps them cope, motivate, recover and push their fitness to the next level.

According to one runner named Bryce, to him marijuana is an exercise supplement that has been helpful for years, and he thinks cannabis is the wave of the future. He loves how the different strains and products on the I-502 legal market can fit every situation. Another participant named Cody spoke about his strategy of using weed in place of Ibuprofen, and when he goes on long hikes, his friends carry over the counter pills for pain relief, while he is able to rely on only the plant.

We also spoke with Bobby, the 2nd place winner of Seattle’s 420 Games about his reasons for attending the event. “I heard about it from my wife and thought this would be a good practice event since I’m training for an Iron Man. I’m also an herb lover; it seems like there’s a large variety of people here and cannabis helps bring people together on a higher level,” he said.

Respect for Cannabis’ Past

Participants had differing reasons for attending this year’s 420 Games, but all of them were brought together by a respect for cannabis, a natural plant that has the power to heal, the ability to bring people from differing backgrounds together. Another important lesson we heard echoed around the event was respect for the past. There has been a long and difficult road to marijuana legalization, and it’s important not to forget those who have made it possible to be where we are today. As one runner, Todd, mentioned, he was part of NORML when he was in college many years ago, and is excited to see the progress of the industry.

Did you miss this year’s Seattle 420 Games? Check out this slideshow of images from the event:

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Photos: Toke Tank



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