Chant Along with Marley Natural

Liberate Your Sound

Imagine this: you’re sitting back, kickin’ your feet up, grabbing a snack and maybe something to drink. You pick out your favorite peace pipe, grab the goodie bag, give a sniff to a few different strains and pick out your favorite. You then grind it up, pack it in and you are ready to go.

What else could complete this wonderful weed smoking experience? How about some dank tunes with which to travel through space and time? Now you can surround yourself with the sweet vibrations of your favorite artists with the Chant Bluetooth Portable Audio System by Marley Natural.


Not only can you complete your perfect smoke sesh, but you don’t even have to get up to make it work.

Great Tunes, Great Speakers

Since no one wants to carry a boom box around on their shoulders like the good ‘ol days, this speaker provides quality sound while still being small enough to carry around. The bamboo ring makes it fit right in on all of our nature adventures; the blue hemp pattern subtlety reminds us of weed culture; the carabiner clip is a nice addition to latch onto whatever you want (just don’t try to use it as climbing equipment.)

The House of Marley, operated by Bob Marley’s kin, is dedicated to quality while giving back to the earth and global charitable causes. Their high quality speakers are individually tested and tuned to deliver optimal soundage and smooth beats. Learn more about it here and start the day off right with any of these Toke Tank recommended tunes.


Photos: Toke Tank

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