The 420 Games (Los Angeles, CA)

The 420 Games is back in 2017 to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle for all

When: 8 am – 2 pm. April 1st, 2017

Where: Los Angeles, California. The Pier North Lot 1

What: A 4.20 mile course, educational speeches, a beer tasting from Lagunitas Brewery, music and other unique athletic events. What more could you ask for? The 420 games travels to Colorado, Washington, Oregon and is stopping here in California to break the stereotype of a lazy stoners brought about during marijuana prohibition.

Who: Anyone and everyone are invited to join in on the fun. You don’t have to consume marijuana to come show your support and have a great time. The Grow Division partners with the 420 Games to put on this fantastic event. Those who register for the race will receive a medal and entrance to the 420 Village.

The 420 games is an awesome experience for anyone who wants to include cannabis in an active lifestyle. For more information check out our recap of last year’s Seattle event here.

Check out the event’s website for more information and tickets!

Photo Credit: The 420 Games

Slaying Stoner Stereotypes: Seattle 420 Games Recap

The first ever Seattle 420 Games fun run aimed to change the perception of cannabis and the people who use it.

There’s a common misconception about weed smokers that they’re lazy, un-motivated and un-ambitious. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth; marijuana enthusiasts are vibrant, artistic, business-driven and lead an active, social lifestyle. This year’s 420 Games aimed to prove this stereotype wrong, and their first ever Seattle 420 Games this past weekend was a delightful activation that showcased the spirit of cannabis smokers, and combined it with the athletic vibe of a 4.20 mile run/walk. Continue reading Slaying Stoner Stereotypes: Seattle 420 Games Recap