The Newest New: Cannabis Sommelier

Do you fancy yourself a cannabis sommelier? Rather than dazzling your friends and stoner buddies with your expansive knowledge of cannabis, you may soon be able to pursue this as a legitimate career choice. Since the “Green Rush” has boomed and been such a major success, there has opened up a need for professional tasters, smokers and experiencers of marijuana. Consumers are seeking weed in droves and are searching for information about products they can choose from.


According to The Huffington Post,

“A cannabis connoisseur can distinguish aromas as well as the type of reaction and high that each strain might provide to the body and brain. Some highs are more relaxing, some are more creative, and some can fill you with energy. As the market is not only changing in terms of growing numbers but also in terms of quality, it seems that for many people, cannabis is not just for getting high anymore…

The combination of senses needed to reach a sommelier level of expertise has already led to the need for more skilled people in the industry as well as the creation of certification courses, like the Interpening course developed by the Trichome Institute in Denver, Colorado.”

Learn more about this new career path here. A cannabis sommelier? Sign us up!

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Photo: Toke Tank

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