Cannabis Earns a Place on the Fine Dining Menu

Those who like to cook with cannabis already know what a wonderful kick marijuana can add to a meal, but lately the trend has really been taking off. According to Channel News Asia, cannabis has earned a place in the spice rack next to traditional herbs and flavors. California Chef Chris Sayegh is pioneering cannabis-infused private dinners where for now, guests need to show their medical marijuana cards.

“To me, this is a cerebral experience,” he said during a demonstration at his Hollywood apartment last week. “You’re eating with a different perception with each bite, with each course. You’re literally changing your brain chemistry and you are viewing this food differently than you did five minutes ago, 10 minutes ago.”

With the momentum that recreational marijuana legalization is gaining in states like California, we may soon see cannabis gain a strong place in the kitchen. Read the full article here to find out more about weed in California kitchens.


Photo: Dank Depot

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