Abducted By Lemon Alien Dawg

Light, spacy, easy and creative

We’ll be honest: we bought this strain because of our dog, a beagle named Lemon. As a puppy, he is weird, quirky and reminds us of a mini alien at times. When we saw the Lemon Alien Dawg strain, we grabbed half as a novelty, and half in hopes that it would help us to understand our own little Lemon, alien dog, a little better. Grown by Northwest 7 Point, it’s a flavorful, citrus-y and creative strain.


Info to Know:

Type: Lemon Alien Dawg, Sativa

THC Content: 20.7 percent total THC

Rating: 4.3 out of 5.

Nugs: Small, lightly colored. Fluffy and airy. Dark orange hairs and white trichomes.

Odor: Citrus-heavy, like a morning mango smoothie.

Taste: Light, floral, sweet.

High: Light, spacy, easy and creative.


Lemon Alien Dawg

Load up the Lemon Alien Dawg into your favorite piece and get ready for a blastoff. The initial inhale is sweet, floral, light and airy, like smoking a bouquet of summer flowers. The high bursts into your mind like a spaceship and you’ll begin to feel alien. Like waking up into a new day, it’s creative, bright and perfect for all times of the day.

Lemon Alien Dawg is a cross between strains Alien Dawg and Lemon Kush. It gives you the initial quick zone out into nothingness that smoking weed is at first, then it quickly becomes part of your regular world and under control. Like you’re being abducted by an alien and taken to a foreign world, Lemon Alien Dawg calls all the shots.

Don’t let this deter you—Lemon Alien Dawg is spacy, but you remain in control. Grab your bud, your friends, your sense of adventure and blast off!


Photos: Toke Tank, Unsplash


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