Beholden to the Blue Dragon

Uplifting, euphoric, spiritual

Sour strains are fun to smoke and often produce a light and bright sativa-feeling. Grown by Buddy Boy Farm, Blue Dragon is a thick and heady sativa that will keep you grounded while you’re soaring through the universe.

Info to Know: Across cultures and regions around the world, dragons have often held a place of major cultural and religious significance. They are said to represent nature and connection with the universe.


Type: Blue Dragon, Sativa-dominant

THC Content: 17.7 percent total THC

Rating:  4.8 out of 5.

Nugs: Large, full and dense. Looks earthy and fluffy

Odor: Super sour – almost lemonade, like a classic sour strain, yet sweet. Hints of blueberry

Taste: Light smoke, fresh and fruity flavor. Very smooth with hints of diesel

High: Very uplifting, euphoric, spiritual and bright


Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon is the delightful consequence of strain pairs Blueberry and Sour Diesel. One sniff of the nugs proves this lineage; the scent of the bud is sour and strong, like a diesel weed you don’t want to stop inhaling, while it also provides a sweet and bright backdrop of blueberry. It’s easy to imagine standing in a field of blueberry bushes on a hot summer day while you pick the fruit, pop it into your mouth and savor the flavor.

Burning the Blue Dragon is a ritual in itself. Tear the buds, load the grinder, give it a few turns, load the bowl, light the fire and inhale. The smoke is smooth and easy and you’ll feel yourself begin to enter a new plane and state of awareness.

The high is felt in your head and Blue Dragon lifts you away with its wings to a new location on Cloud 420. Light it up, and keep chasing the dragon.

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Photos: Toke Tank, Unsplash



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