Beholden to the Blue Dragon

Uplifting, euphoric, spiritual

Sour strains are fun to smoke and often produce a light and bright sativa-feeling. Grown by Buddy Boy Farm, Blue Dragon is a thick and heady sativa that will keep you grounded while you’re soaring through the universe.

Info to Know: Across cultures and regions around the world, dragons have often held a place of major cultural and religious significance. They are said to represent nature and connection with the universe. Continue reading Beholden to the Blue Dragon

Stress- Relieving Sour Diesel

Easy, all-day high

Sour Diesel is one of the most classic weed strains around. Grown by Columbia Territory and purchased at Cinder North, it’s one we hadn’t tried before. We found it to be perfect for a stroll through the park. Those who love skunky and diesel strains will fall in love with its taste and smell, but those into more cheesy or floral weed may not be so keen. Take a sour hit and see for yourself. Continue reading Stress- Relieving Sour Diesel